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Our company MYCOINKRIPTO effectively carries out mining of the Ether and carries out transactions on the cryptocurrency exchanges. Due to the success of our programmistov, stock traders and economists, we have made great strides in this area. Our team consists of highly skilled professionals passionate about their work and embodies the latest ideas in the promotion and development of digital technologies and in particular technologies Ethereum.

Investment plan

What is the investment plan and for whom is it needed?
1. Those who are willing to short-term (5 days) small to invest available funds in the selected investment products (for security purposes, set the limit on contributions).
2. Has the capital and its financial goals with timelines and cost.
In the preparation of individual investment plan, primarily the defined goals, which you need to achieve and the period for which you shape your investment portfolio. From determining the value of goals and life achievements will depend largely on the investment method. Before taking any decision, we offer you to look at our plans...
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We developed an investment calculator for the convenience of our investors.
0.89% for 120 hours 1.10% for 120 hours 1.4% for 120 hours 1.8% for 120 hours 5.0% daily for 120 days 0.5% daily forever (monitor plan)
Profit per day (): 0.09
Total for the entire period (): 10.68
Profit per day (): 0.55
Total for the entire period (): 66.00
Profit per day (): 4.20
Total for the entire period (): 504.00
Profit per day (): 18.00
Total for the entire period (): 2160.00
Profit per day (): 5.00
Total for the entire period (): 600.00
Profit per day (): 0.03
Total for the entire period (): 50.00